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Successfully mediated nearly every aspect of business disputes: breach of contract, fraud, violation of Business and Professions Code, warranty, breach of oral agreements, corporate and partnership dissolutions, franchise disputes, license agreements, joint ventures, non-profits, international business transactions, trade secrets, unfair competition and  entertainment disputes. These businesses include telecommunications services, consulting services, manufacturing, music royalties, government funding projects, commission-based sales, construction and development projects, among many others.


Business & Commercial Contracts

Representative Cases:

Twenty-nine sales representatives alleged breach of contract and willful failure to pay commissions against manufacturer.

Breach of oral agreement to pay for consulting services whereby plaintiff provided government-funding projects. Partial invoiced services paid until defendant claims to have terminated the relationship and any future obligation to pay.

Breach of contract and fraud against a contractor for damages arising from the alleged failure to develop and construct residential structures on two real property parcels.

Multi-party breach of contract claims regarding chiropractic clinics.

Franchisor/Franchisee disputes regarding marketing assistance and franchise fees of fast food restaurant.

Lease agreement whereby tenant to provide a percentage of income to landlord as rent. Tenant claimed that landlord prevented him from conducting his business.

Business buyer sues seller for alleged misrepresentations regarding the assets and income of the business.

Subcontractor claimed that health plan failed to make payments under provisions of capitation agreement.

Multiple claims by physicians and hospitals alleging wrongful non-payment or underpayment of claims under contracts with health plans.

Claims by insurance brokers asserting failure to pay commissions.

Subrogation claim regarding damages for totaled Lamborghini. Complex expert evaluation.

Damages for loss of equipment and lost business income due to fire at a major custom printing business.

Business destroyed by fire due to alleged faulty wiring.

Defendant federal agency certified and maintained a database of small businesses owned by service-disabled veterans which were qualified to receive specified government contracts (38 U.S.C. §§ 8127-8128.) Initially, plaintiff business was certified to participate. Two years later when the business tried to renew, defendant denied its application. Plaintiff requested reconsideration and was approved for certification.  The next time plaintiff reapplied, it was again denied certification. Plaintiff claimed defendant's actions were arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, not according to law, and sought reinstatement to the database.

Plaintiff foreign exporter received all necessary regulatory certificates substantiating that its food product was sanitary. Defendant importer purchased several large orders from plaintiff over a couple years. Following a norovirus outbreak, the FDA removed plaintiff and other exporters of the product from an approved shipper's list and the FDA and State would not allow defendant to return the product. Defendant arranged for destruction of the product and sought reimbursement from plaintiff for approximately $250,000. Plaintiff and defendant had several informal meetings to attempt resolution of the dispute. When the FDA lifted the ban, plaintiff and defendant resumed their export-import relationship. However, after plaintiff shipped the next large order, defendant accepted the order, refused to pay for it and demanded additional compensation from plaintiff. Both parties alleged breach of contract, fraud and related causes of action.

In a prior action, independent sales agent (plaintiff herein) agreed to market and distribute a film for wealthy film owner (defendant herein). The film was unsuccessful and film owner sued sales agent for accounting, fraud and other claims. Trial Court granted a special motion to strike against the film owner which she appealed. Court of Appeal affirmed Trial Court's ruling. Plaintiff filed a malicious prosecution action against defendant film owner and her attorney. Defendants filed an anti-SLAPP motion which was denied. Defendants appealed the ruling which was also affirmed by the Court of Appeal. The parties engaged in mediation to resolve the malicious prosecution by plaintiff against defendant film owner and her attorney.

Licensed healthcare provider purchased, acquired and operated numerous multi-state medical clinics and facilities. As part of an expansion of clinic operations, the healthcare provider entered into various agreements with plaintiff, an unlicensed individual. Plaintiff alleges breach of contract, common counts and fraud. Issues included individual liability for a corporate debt, assumption of the obligation to plaintiff by a third party, statutes of limitation, unlawful consulting agreements and mismanaged corporate assets.

Appointed as Special Master by Federal Court in a major franchise business dispute to render a final and binding determination of the validity of class action claims.

Breach of contract, open book account of physician to recover unpaid medical treatment to patient for obtaining surrogates to conceive patient's child.

Breach of contract and common counts to recover payment for architectural services provided.

Accounting of music royalties between Spanish music distributor and agents.

Due to manufacturer's use of alleged defective solvent, DVDs separated after distribution to retailers and sale to consumers. Complex damage issues.

Rescission and restitution of contract to purchase trucks alleged as "de-rated " (modification to reduce gross vehicle weight) permitting drivers to operate without commercial license.

Alleged bait and switch of financing interest rate for the purchase of a motor vehicle giving rise to claims under the Song-Beverly Act, Magnuson-Moss Act, CLRA violations, UCL violations and fraud.

Suit alleging breach of contract, fraud and violation of Business and Professions Code by a wholesale provider of telecommunication services, its distributor and a cross-complainant for fees due for services provided under the contract. 

Breach of contract and fraud against a contractor for damages arising from the alleged failure to develop and construct residential structures on two real property parcels.

Defendant hired to remove glue from floor of museum. Used sander (rather than anticipated chemical) which created dust and disseminated lead-based paint contaminants. Plaintiff aware that sander being used soon after project started, but allowed process to continue.

Art framing alleged to have damaged artist's work prepared for art exhibit. Damages alleged for improper framing, damage to art pieces, lost profits, lost future profits, loss of goodwill, attorney's fees, costs and punitive damages.

Defendant purchased and assumed management and control over dance studio. Plaintiff alleged misappropriation of funds, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties. Cross-Complaint for declaratory relief, intentional infliction of emotional distress, slander.

Plaintiffs used Defendant's logistic and warehouse services. Defendants claimed warehouseman's lien over goods for failure to pay outstanding obligations. Plaintiffs claimed breach of contract, negligence, negligent interference with prospective business advantage, fraud and conversion.

Misappropriation of trade secrets, FINRA and Trademark violations. Plaintiff contended Defendants misappropriated trade secrets and trademark of college fraternity/sorority party business. Also, life insurance company Defendant failed to properly educate/supervise agents regarding ethical and conflict of interest requirements.

Elderly plaintiff purchased timeshare points. He purchased additional points on two other occasions with the understanding that he would not have to pay annual maintenance fees. Defendant disputes Plaintiff's claims and states that he is bound by written contract.