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Settled numerous cases alleging civil rights violations, excessive force during arrests and public protests, violation under 42 USC.

Representative Cases:

Alleged use of excessive force by police resulting in gun shot to leg of convicted felon.

Alleged police use of excessive force and false imprisonment for gang-related congregating.

Wrongful arrest of youth for possession of marijuana with medical prescription.

California Highway Patrol employees sued for abuse of authority under color of law (Title 18) resulting in claimed personal and business injury.

Elderly plaintiff claimed excessive force (42 USC 1983), negligence, assault, battery, elder abuse and other causes of action by law enforcement officers during an unlawful arrest. Defense claimed plaintiff impeded investigation, resisted reasonable and appropriate force during a lawful arrest and could not satisfy Monel requirements to establish liability of the local entity. Plaintiff sustained serious medical injuries.

Civil rights violation under 42 USC that agents used excessive force when they shot and killed decedent who they believed was trying to run down an agent.

 Civil rights violation that officers used excessive force when they removed plaintiff from his bicycle while he participated in a protest.