Representative Cases:

Defendant, governmental entity, was engaged in a major water diversion project adjacent to plaintiff's home. An unpaved dirt road at the edge of plaintiff's property was utilized by defendant to gain access to the project. No Environmental Impact Report was required, but defendant filed a Mitigated Negative Declaration and obtained California Environmental Quality Act approval for the project. Plaintiff claimed that the vibrations, dust, lack of lateral support, elimination of the a landscaped windbreak, and other environmental impact of the project violated the terms of the MND (Govt. Code 830), causing damages to her home, health, landscaping and the surrounding environment. Damages were estimated at $450,000, but the home was now worth only a fraction of that amount. In addition, due to plaintiff's ongoing medical complaints, she contended that she could no longer live in the area. Creative resolution included purchase of plaintiff's real property.

Improper design and installation of college dormitory kitchen equipment and fans causing malfunction and excessive noise.

Construction project alleged to have caused subsidence of structure on adjacent property.

Sandblasting at museum alleged to have damaged and/or destroyed art and other historical artifacts.

Water intrusion into residences causing substantial property damage.

Alleged improper design and reconstruction of public park caused flooding of neighborhood. Claims against contractor, subcontractors, architect and designers by dozens of adjoining property owners for damages.

College sprinkler system malfunctioned over the weekend causing a computer laboratory to be flooded. Major damages to structure and contents.

Claims for alleged condominium construction defects arising out of water intrusion from an adjacent condominium.


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Mediated various construction defect disputes, including improper design and installation of commercial kitchen equipment, subsiding apartment buildings, condominiums, residences, water intrusion, water drainage systems.