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Resolved actions claiming failure to accommodate, failure to engage in interactive dialogue and failure to take corrective measures under the American with Disabilities Act, Unruh Civil Rights Act, Disabled Persons Act, Disabilities Education Act, Free Appropriate Public Education and California Health & Safety Code.

Representative Cases:

Plaintiff claimed termination due to disability. Employer asserted termination due to absence of requisite government credentials.

Employee with history of medical leaves of absence sustained work-related injury, claimed employer failed to  accommodate and terminated him in violation of public policy. Employer claimed employee unable to perform essential job functions with or without a reasonable accommodation.

Employee terminated for failing to return to work after expiration of approved FMLA leave.

Lawsuit for wrongful termination in violation of public policy due to disability and disability discrimination.

Employer alleged permissible termination of employee who took intermittent FMLA leave, failed to present a doctor’s note or provide any information to support a disability leave, and failed to return to work after the expiration of her leave.

Trip and fall in parking lot by blind Plaintiff.

Plaintiff attending high school football game confined to wheelchair. Claimed no accessible seating and no accessible, compliant restroom. Also sustained bodily injury when tried to use restroom.

Defendant federal agency certified and maintained a database of small businesses owned by service-disabled veterans which were qualified to receive specified government contracts (38 U.S.C. §§ 8127-8128.) Initially, plaintiff business was certified to participate. Two years later when the business tried to renew, defendant denied its application. Plaintiff requested reconsideration and was approved for certification. The next time plaintiff reapplied, it was again denied certification. Plaintiff claimed defendant's actions were arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, not according to law, and sought reinstatement to the database.

Plaintiff employed by defendant full-service career center funded by the federal Workforce Investment Act. Plaintiff claimed that she reported accounting inaccuracies and mismanagement of government grants to the executive director. She further claimed that the executive director retaliated against her by relocating her to a different office and subjecting her to discriminatory comments about veterans and pregnant women. Then while she was on pregnancy disability leave, plaintiff met with federal agents about the aforementioned illegal conduct. When plaintiff returned from disability leave, she was terminated. Plaintiff claims against defendants included violation of the Federal and State Whistleblower Protection Acts, Discrimination Against Veterans (USERRA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Pregnancy Disability Leave, among others.

Plaintiff, employed as a Class A driver, was severely injured on the job. He filed a Worker's compensation claim and was on a disability leave of absence. While on leave, his trailer was emptied of his personal belongings. Plaintiff returned to work but was not given any driving assignments. Plaintiff claimed constructive termination, failure to engage in the interactive process, failure to accommodate, disability discrimination and wage and hour violations.

Plaintiff injured his back on the job. When he requested to see a doctor, he was terminated. Plaintiff claims wrongful termination based upon failure to accommodate disability and to avoid worker's compensation and medical leave.

Handicapped plaintiff claimed Federal ADA violations by residential medical facility including non-compliant doors, bathrooms, service counters, parking lot signage, parking spaces.

Handicapped plaintiff claimed Federal ADA violations by major motor vehicle membership company including barrier to access, non-compliant doors, bathrooms, service counters, parking lot signage, parking spaces, service cubicles.

Claims of student identified as disabled under the Disabilities Education Act ("IDEA") for denial of a Free Appropriate Public Education ("FAPE").

Actions under the American with Disabilities Act, the Unruh Civil Rights Act, the Disabled Person Act and the California Health and Safety Code against a major retail company.

Alleged wrongful termination based on race and failure to accommodate medical condition against major department store.

Action for wrongful termination based on physical disability and failure to provide reasonable accommodation against restaurant employer.

Plaintiff brought action against public transport company for injuries sustained when his wheel chair was not properly secured and overturned while he was being transported. Extensive pre-existing serious medical conditions alleged by defendant.

Allegations of employee discrimination based upon disability under the Federal Rehabilitation Act (29 U.S.C. sec. 701, et seq.)

Plaintiff paraplegic denied access to compliant restroom and parking space. He allegedly fell due to debris that got stuck in his wheelchair wheels. Claimed injuries due to violation of Title II of ADA, 3504 Rehabilitation Act and California Disabled Persons Act.

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