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Representative cases:

​​Twenty-year employee (58 years old) claimed to have been harassed about age for over 10 months, then terminated.  Employer alleged all employees were over 40 and that the benefit reduction and termination was due to cut-backs.

Plaintiff employee alleged he was terminated for objecting to Defendant employer’s illegal activities.  Illegal activities included violation of patient privacy under HIPAA and anti-kickback statues.  Defendant contended that Plaintiff was terminated for poor performance and behavioral issues.  Plaintiff also claimed failure to timely pay wages.

Plaintiff, a long-time federal employee, was re-hired as regional director in 2004.  Plaintiff performed other duties too, and consistently was provided excellent reviews.  Plaintiff was a whistleblower that there was an ongoing pattern of race discrimination.  Alleged wrongful and retaliatory termination was days later in 2016 in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, 42 USC §2000, et seq.

​Plaintiff employed by U.S. government claimed discrimination on various grounds (age, sex, race).  Commenced administrative processes to resolve claims (five petitions), District Court action and 9th Circuit appeal.  Claims alleging ADEA and FLSA violations forcing early retirement remanded by 9th Circuit for consideration by District Court.

Harassment and hostile work environment based on employee's sexual orientation.

Elderly employee demoted and moved from her office to a cubicle when employer desired younger staff and instituted campaign of ridicule creating hostile work environment.Employee alleged discrimination based on disability, perceived disability and medical condition, failure to accommodate or engage in an interactive process and retaliation against a major manufacturer.

Employee alleged wrongful termination for violation of public policy, waiting time penalties, attorney fees and costs when terminated after discussing pay reduction with other employees. Employer claimed there were economic reasons for its staff reductions and "good cause" for plaintiff's termination.

Alleged gender discrimination against a male employee.

Disability discrimination, failure to accommodate, retaliation, wage and hour and numerous other employment claims.

Employee alleged that employer refused to honor work restrictions and permit her to attend doctor visits in violation of FMLA/CFRA. Thereafter, employer terminated plaintiff for performance issues which allegedly were not supported by credible, timely complaints.

Plaintiff waitress alleged she was sexually harassed by the head sushi chef who carved genitalia out of food products and gave them to her at work.

Aeronautics employer sued for claimed failure to accommodate employee's disability (amputated leg).

Major Health Care Provider sued for age discrimination by a senior manager.

Major retailer sued by employee for gender discrimination and hostile work environment.

Professor and major university sued by student claiming sexual harassment.

Probationary employee wrongful termination claim.

Quid Pro Quo sexual discrimination of female subordinate by male supervisor verses allegations of consensual conduct.

Hostile work environment and acts created by disparaging epithets regarding sexual orientation of co-worker displayed on workplace bulletin board.

Wrongful termination in violation of public policy, retaliation due to reporting of OSHA violation, workers compensation and whistleblower causes of action.

Wrongful accusation of theft, termination in violation of public policy and retaliatory denial of promotion against an airport retail salesperson verses legitimate reduction in force and restructuring.

Employee who objected to daily prayers at work claimed religious discrimination and wrongful termination in violation of public policy.

Employer claimed business winding down and presented long-term employee with a proposed separation and release agreement. Employee refused to sign and brought lawsuit for numerous wage and hour Labor Code violations.

Plaintiff employed by defendant full-service career center funded by the federal Workforce Investment Act. Plaintiff claimed that she reported accounting inaccuracies and mismanagement of government grants to the executive director. She further claimed that the executive director retaliated against her by relocating her to a different office and subjecting her to discriminatory comments about veterans and pregnant women. Then while she was on pregnancy disability leave, plaintiff met with federal agents about the aforementioned illegal conduct. When plaintiff returned from disability leave, she was terminated. Plaintiff claims against defendants included violation of the Federal and State Whistleblower Protection Acts, Discrimination Against Veterans (USERRA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Pregnancy Disability Leave among others.

Plaintiff, employed as a Class A driver, was severely injured on the job. He filed a Worker's compensation claim and was on a disability leave of absence. While on leave, his trailer was emptied of his personal belongings. Plaintiff returned to work but was not given any driving assignments. Plaintiff claimed constructive termination, failure to engage in the interactive process, failure to accommodate, disability discrimination and wage and hour violations.

Plaintiff was a male territory sales manager who was married with a young child. He claimed gender discrimination in violation of FEHA on the basis that his employer assigned him all overnight travel rather than requiring it be shared with female territory sales managers. He claimed that this undue hardship on his family forced plaintiff to resign.

Plaintiff injured his back on the job. When he requested to see a doctor, he was terminated.   Plaintiff claims wrongful termination based upon failure to accommodate disability and to avoid worker's compensation and medical leave.

Plaintiff employed as nurse at skilled care facility which included room and board. Plaintiff claimed inadequate privacy, no right to engage in normal private pursuits, inadequate overtime compensation, sleep time violations, illegal meal and lodging deductions, meal and rest period violations, among other things.

Alleged sexual harassment, gender discrimination, retaliation, failure to prevent harassment, failure to conduct investigation, defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress of employee against co-worker and major aerospace corporation employer.

Breach of written employment contract for advertising services by music production company.

Alleged wrongful termination based on race and failure to accommodate medical condition against major department store.

Action for wrongful termination based on physical disability and failure to provide reasonable accommodation against restaurant employer.

Wrongful termination based on age discrimination and retaliation by a long-term sales representative against a major pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Wrongful termination of a truck driver based on failure to accommodate medical condition.  Employer claimed that the employment relationship was properly terminated because employee declined to modify his duties as a cost-based requirement after being medically cleared without restriction.

Claims against a school district for retaliation, harassment and discrimination in violation of  the Federal Rehabilitation Act, American Disabilities Act and California Labor Code for reporting alleged child abuse.

Alleged wrongful termination of a long-term sales associate by a major corporation based upon age.

Nurse terminated for alleged poor performance and violation of medical care protocol resulting in life-threatening injuries to elder patient.

Actions under the American with Disabilities Act, the Unruh Civil Rights Act, the Disabled Person Act and the California Health and Safety Code against a major retail company.

Allegations of employee discrimination based upon disability under the Federal Rehabilitation Act (29 U.S.C. sec. 701, et seq.).

Employee alleged termination due to disability. Employer claimed termination to preserve operational efficiency due to employee taking a prohibited action causing recurrence of an injury, failing to provide requested medical documentation to support work absence and not returning to work when expected.

Alleged five-year misclassification of employee as independent contractor resulting in unpaid overtime wages, statutory penalties, lost social security and Medicare tax contributions, lost unemployment insurance compensation, emotional distress damages (due to assault on employee's last day of employment), attorney's fees and costs.

Claims by employees for wage, hour and commission violations against a major department store chain. Case settled at mediation prior to certification of class.

Class action by restaurant employees for wage, hour and commission violations. 

Residential caregiver for the elderly who alleged inadequate staffing and no right to engage in normal private pursuits entitled him to Federal overtime, sleep time, no deductions for meals and lodging, liquidated damages, prejudgment interest, California minimum wage overtime, Private Attorney General Act compensation, penalties, attorney's fees and costs.

Pre-litigation claim that claimant reported illegal conduct to the government (whistleblower) that employer discriminated against veterans.

Claimant took medical leave due to complication with her pregnancy and, upon return from leave, was terminated by employer. Employment discrimination against the Department of Defense based upon race and national origin.

Employment discrimination against the Department of Defense based upon race and national origin.

Experienced human resource professional alleges Labor Code 970 violation, gender discrimination, race discrimination and constructive discharge.

Mediates wrongful termination, retaliation, sexual harassment and discrimination matters involving race, gender, religion, foreign ancestry, pregnancy age, sexual orientation, failure to provide reasonable accommodation, violations of the Federal Rehabilitation Act, high-ranking federal employees, and mandatory reporting.