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Legal - Settled cases involving allegations of legal malpractice, some in conjunction with attorney fee disputes.
Medical and Dental - Resolved medical and dental malpractice claims including Federal Tort Claims Act, wrongful death, failure to diagnose, improper treatment, failure to warn patient of known risks, failure to conduct proper testing, substandard care, treatment or surgery, unauthorized treatment/lack of informed consent, and vicarious liability.

Representative Cases:

​​Stroke patient claimed negligence and premises liability by a post-acute facility (skilled care nursing facility).  As a result, he sustained two separate injuries for which hospital care was required.

Attorney alleged to have forced unsophisticated client to settle lawsuit.

Law firm represented client in an action for injunctive relief and damages due to client's construction that allegedly obstructed his neighbors' views. Client claimed legal malpractice against the law firm which had its own claim for non-payment of fees. Malicious prosecution action after underlying case decided on Motion for Summary Judgment affirmed on appeal. Defense filed anti-SLAPP motion which was denied. Cross-Motion for Summary Judgment denied.

Plaintiff alleged medical malpractice against surgeon who performed multiple, unsuccessful shoulder surgeries. Ultimately, shoulder could not be repaired. Major damage claim.

Claimed failure to timely diagnose bladder cancer resulting in claimed wrongful death.

Dentist alleged to have performed multiple unnecessary and substandard procedures.

Alleged failure to appropriately inject pain management substance, monitor and treat infection complications.