Representative Cases:

Decedent was an inpatient at a drug facility.  He allegedly had been taking a contraband substance.  Rather than go to a higher level of care, it is disputed whether he left the facility against clinical advice or was expelled from the facility.  He passed away two days later of a heroin overdose.​

Matter involved a three-car collision.  Plaintiff alleged they were rear-ended and pushed into the vehicle ahead.  Defendant alleged that plaintiff hit the vehicle ahead, and then defendant rear-ended plaintiff.  Plaintiff’s vehicle was totaled (approximately $40,000).  Plaintiff claimed soft tissue injuries and disc bulges with stenosis.

Plaintiffs in a high-occupancy vehicle were broadsided by defense vehicle, which caused Plaintiffs to spin and the airbags to be deployed.  Plaintiff wife, who had prior neck and back fusions, sustained compression fracture and soft tissue injuries.  Plaintiff husband had soft tissue complaints and loss of consortium.

Plaintiff was operating his bicycle on a sidewalk.  He claimed to have gotten caught on a bush, that his handle bar was bumped by an oncoming bicyclist, and then he crashed into a storefront plate glass window.  Plaintiff sustained very serious, ongoing injuries.

Plaintiff was middle car in a three-car collision and sustained multiple injuries.  Plaintiff had some pre-existing injuries which were alleged to have been exacerbated.

Plaintiff, a minor pedestrian, was struck by an SUV traveling 30-35 miles per hour.  Plaintiff was thrown onto the hood of the vehicle and to the ground.  Treatment was approximately three and a half years, including psychiatric claims.  Plaintiff claimed permanent injuries.  The matter proceeded on a UIM policy.

Plaintiff was living in Defendant’s backhouse (section 8 housing).  The driveway was cracked.  Her assistant was allegedly pushing her while she was seated on a walker seat.  Plaintiff fell off the walker and fractured her pelvis, leading to non-union and diastasis/sublation of pubic symphasis requiring multiple screws.  Defense contended the accident occurred at a different location, extensive comparative fault, and major pre-existing mediation conditions.

Rear end collision that led to soft tissue plus epidural injections.  The medical bills were alleged to be $50,000 per Plaintiff, which were excessive and unnecessary per the Defendant.


Plaintiffs alleged multiple injuries as a result of DWP employee side-swiping Plaintiffs’ vehicle.

Unrestrained German Shepard with prior incidents of attack bit a seven-year-old minor on the nose and arm requiring sutures and antibiotics.  The minor child will require future facial and arm plastic surgery.

Plaintiff’s vehicle was rear-ended by a bus and Plaintiff claimed exacerbation of a herniated disc requiring surgery.

Plaintiffs lived on the bottom floor of a bi-level duplex.  The upstairs tenant operated a BDSM hotel.  Plaintiffs complained to the landlord of strange men, noises, and sex parties that disturbed their quiet enjoyment of their tenancy.  There also was a fire and two floods that destroyed Plaintiffs’ personal property.  The upstairs tenant (a dominatrix)’s guest also parked in Plaintiffs’ assigned spots.

Plaintiff customer assaulted and battered by employee. Alleges negligent hiring, supervision and other claims against employer. Employee alleged to have exclaimed racial epithets prior to striking plaintiff with a metal pipe.

A bathroom mirror detached and shattered as plaintiff exited the shower causing serious injuries.

Medical damages from mold exposure and development of brain disease.

Plaintiff took his leashed dog out for a walk. A neighbor's dog was wandering the neighborhood and charged at plaintiff and his dog. Plaintiff pulled his dog away, but sustained a deep bite from one of the dogs.

Home healthcare provider attacked by dog. Serious, disfiguring injuries.

Plaintiff sustained low-impact rear-end motor vehicle collision. Among other injuries, plaintiff claimed lumbar spine injury with segmental dysfunction, 7mm foraminal protrusion, displacement of the nerve root requiring two surgeries. Demand exceeded $1 million. 

Claim against a school district and teacher for negligence and negligent supervision arising from alleged physical abuse of a mentally challenged student. The case required sensitivity to the interests of the school district, the teacher, the student who still idolized the teacher, and the student's family.

Trip and fall of child out of second story window resulting in severe and permanent brain injury.

Complaint alleging negligence, negligent infliction of emotional distress and violation of Federal Aviation regulations against a major airline for wrongfully allowing an allegedly intoxicated passenger to board and serving him alcohol after which he sexually assaulted another passenger.

Numerous bar fights involving patron plaintiffs against business and individual defendants, resulting in severe injuries and substantial loss of earnings claims.

Action brought by a union tradesman setting up a convention center trade show who was run over by a golf cart sustaining severe, career ending injuries. Claims were against a subcontractor, city, convention center and event organizer, with complex workers' compensation issues.

Plaintiff and other nightclub concertgoers had their hands on the stage. Plaintiff alleged severe, permanent crush injuries against the nightclub and band when the lead singer jumped off equipment and landed on her hands. The case was complicated by the fact that plaintiff had started a career as a professional BMX bicycle racer.

Wrongful Death for delaying medical attention to a prospective military recruit in violation of government's safety procedures and regulations.

Multi-party motor vehicle accident involving the driver and passenger of a mobile food truck and another truck. In addition to injuries, one of the plaintiff's major property damage claims was the cost to upgrade the truck to comply with new governmental requirements, leasing another mobile food truck and storage fees.

Motor vehicle traveling on the freeway on a dark, rainy night, lost control and struck the center median. It stalled perpendicular to oncoming traffic, turned on its hazard lights but was struck by another vehicle. Subsequently, numerous other vehicles collided, with occupants sustaining major injuries. Complex insurance issues.

Slip and fall on water at entry to  restaurant. Soft tissue injuries to cervical spine, lumbar spine, arm and shoulder requiring injections and possible surgery.

Rear end collision at "moderate" speed. Plaintiff underwent C3-C7 anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. Permanent restrictions and decompression surgery.

Minor plaintiff sustained a jaw fracture when the top of a gum ball machine fell on his head. Varied claims against multiple defendants.

Two pedestrians struck by motor vehicle. One sustained serious head injuries. The other sustained cervical, lumbar and bilateral knee injuries and deformity.

T-bone collision at intersection. Plaintiff sustained C4-C5 disc herniation and L4-L5 annular tear.Adult bicyclist drove over public road deviation causing him to fly off bicycle and sustain multiple serious head and leg injuries.

Motorcycle and car multi-vehicle serious accident which included concussion, brain injury, knee (with surgery), ankle, crushed toe with fracture and non-union, hip, shoulder (AC Joint separation).

Rear end collision. Claimant contends soft tissue and traumatic brain injury.

Federal inmate alleged he contracted Valley Fever while incarcerated in a federal prison which was privately operated. Plaintiff claimed life-long damages.

Numerous auto and big rig truck accidents with major injuries, loss of earnings, future damages and substantial Workers' Compensation Liens.

Major and minor rear-end collisions with back and other surgeries.

Plaintiff trip and fall over bolts protruding from sidewalk. Substantial injuries including fractured shoulder and thumb.

Motorcycle rider laid down his bike under big rig to avoid decapitation. Sustained multiple serious injuries.

School yard battery arising out of alleged inadequate security and supervision.

Plaintiff operating a bicycle was struck by a government vehicle, resulting in substantial medical injuries. Liability disputed.

Multi-party subrogation with policy limit issues.

Elderly woman tripped and fell on a mat improperly affixed to a church kitchen floor. Claims included injury for a fractured hip and elderly husband's loss of consortium.

Numerous slip and fall/trip and fall claims in specialty chain stores resulting in physical injuries and loss of earnings.

Slip on cardboard sign left on market ramp allegedly causing plaintiff patron head, back, leg and other injuries.

Plaintiff claimed inadequate security, lighting and serving alcohol to an intoxicated patron led to a bar fight in which plaintiff sustained severe head injuries and future plastic surgery.

Altercation with security in bar resulting in severe, permanent mouth and facial injuries to a professional saxophone player.

Alleged inadequate security resulting in bar fight when intoxicated patron tried to dance with plaintiff's girlfriend.

Plaintiff and her family claimed property damages and personal injury resulting from toxic mold about which property owner knew or should have known.

Plaintiff brought action against public transport company for injuries sustained when his wheel chair was not properly secured and overturned while he was being transported. Extensive pre-existing serious medical conditions alleged.

Plaintiff lived in an apartment next-door to a mentally ill patient and his brother who cared for him. One night, the patient broke in to plaintiff's apartment, attacked, him and plaintiff nearly died. Plaintiff claimed negligent supervision against the brother.

Fire engine responding to an emergency call was being operated in the opposite direction of travel. It collided with an elderly plaintiff turning left. Soft-tissue injuries superimposed upon alleged pre-existing medical conditions.

Multiple automobile drivers, passengers and pedestrians sustained serious to life-threatening injuries when an automobile turning left was broadsided by a fire engine. The fire engine then drove onto a sidewalk and landed on top of two people operating a golf cart for their employer.  The entire case settled.

Plaintiff motorcycle officer responding to an emergency call. Defendant stopped in intersection after entering on a left turn signal. Plaintiff officer sustained soft tissue and dental injuries.  Disputed liability. Workers' Compensation liens.

Homeless plaintiff regularly used the bowling alley restroom to clean up before offering paid lessons to customers. The bartender was alleged to have assaulted plaintiff causing him severe head and other injuries. The bartender was represented by his employer's counsel. When it was discovered during mediation that the bartender's actions were intentional, his counsel refused to indemnify him but only to defend. Notwithstanding, the entire case settled at mediation with the defendant bartender compensating plaintiff through creative techniques.

Elderly plaintiff in her eighties suffered a concussion, multiple fractures and severe injuries to head, body, arms and legs when she fell on a city sidewalk.

Plaintiff sustained an above-the-knee leg amputation when a vehicle jumped a curb and smashed into a storefront window. Plaintiff sued the owner/driver of the vehicle and the business owner for inadequate safety precautions.

Unauthorized disinterment and cremation of deceased. Allegations include negligence, violation of the Unruh Civil Rights Act (Civil Code section 51, et seq.), violation of Business and Professions Code section 17200, et seq. (unfair business practices), unlawful housing discrimination in violation of FEHA (Government Code section 12900, et seq.)

Premises liability for failure to provide adequate security alleged by plaintiff who was criminally assaulted in defendant's commercial parking lot.

Animal control officer mauled by five Pitbull dogs, resulting in serious personal injuries.

Sexual assault/battery of minor by school camp director during sleepover event.

Plaintiff operated a motorcycle on the freeway. Defendant changed lanes and struck plaintiff.  Defendant had a $15,000 policy which was paid. Plaintiff sought the balance from his own $500,000 UIM policy. Claimed injuries included fractured toe, ankle, posterior cruciate ligament and meniscus tears, shoulder undersurface and labral tears, and cognitive impairment, post-concussion syndrome, coup-contra coup brain injury and residual cognitive issues. Plaintiff had prior motorcycle and bicycle accidents with several overlapping injuries including a significant prior closed head injury claim which plaintiff alleged had resolved. Plaintiff also had congenital deformities, degenerative issues, a history of Meniere's disease and depression.

Pre-litigation mediation involving rear-end motor vehicle collision. Plaintiff claimed numerous cervical and lumbar disc herniations for which epidural steroid injections and/or surgery were required.

Plaintiff's vehicle was rear-ended by another motor vehicle. She claimed whiplash, concussion, panic attacks and PTSD. Plaintiff had pre-existing severe psychiatric conditions for which she had been undergoing intensive treatment and prescribed psychoactive medications. She also had preexisting atypical Meniere's disease.

T-bone collision in a controlled intersection. Plaintiff complained of knee pain and possible lateral meniscus tear. Arthroscopic chondroplasty of the medial femoral condyle.

Slip and fall by plaintiff in a market. Damages were to hip, low back and knee including torn ACL and meniscus, and lost earnings. Defendants contended no actual or constructive notice, impeccable floor safety monitoring and electronic sweep logs, a discrepancy about where the accident occurred, and pre-existing injuries.

Dog bites to two plaintiffs: female plaintiff on her face; male plaintiff on his arm. Defendant contends that plaintiffs were warned to stay away from the dog and that they trespassed in an area where they were instructed not to go.

Rear-end collision while plaintiff stopped. Plaintiff claims she was pushed forward 10 to 15 feet and sustained head, cervical, shoulder, arm, thoracic, lumbar, chest, hips and leg injuries. Damages include medical, future medical and loss of earnings claims. Neurologic and neuropsychiatric assessments.

Claims against childcare facility and teachers for negligence and negligence per se for inadequate supervision, breach of policies and violation of statutes and regulations resulting in serious injuries to a minor child within its supervision, care and control.

Complaint alleging negligence, negligent infliction of emotional distress and violation of Federal Aviation regulations against a major airline for wrongfully allowing an allegedly intoxicated passenger to board and serving him alcohol after which he sexually assaulted another passenger.

Civil rights violation under 42 U.S.C. that agents used excessive force when they shot and killed decedent who they believed was trying to run down an agent.

Civil rights violation that officers used excessive force when they removed plaintiff from his bicycle while he participated in a protest.

United States Postal worker injured on the job while driving her mail truck. Fractured dominant hand, knee and chest contusions, finger deformity. Extensive Federal lien.

Plaintiff sustained injuries at a marine terminal when his vehicle was struck by a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Officer. Plaintiff was injured in the course and scope of his employment as a longshoreman. His injuries and damages were compensated by the Longshore and Harbor Worker's Compensation Act and the SSA (2 liens).

Plaintiff traveling on green light. Defendant coming the opposite direction, attempted U-turn at intersection, causing plaintiff to strike curb and fire hydrant. Injuries alleged included thoracic outlet syndrome and low back disc herniation. Future surgery claims.

Rear end collision, moderate impact. Plaintiff claims disc herniation requiring epidural injections, nerve blocks, and two (2) level artificial disc replacements with possible future surgery for residual complaints.

Rear end collision. Admitted liability with major pre-existing injuries.

Two plaintiffs (no fault) injured in three car accident. Both defendants claimed no liability. Plaintiff's damages problematic.

Plaintiff exiting vanpool van, tripped and fell over truck lift gate. Defendants claimed she was walking backwards without looking. Worker's Compensation lien.

Multiple slip and fall accidents at major shopping malls. Sprained ankles, loss of earnings, other damages.

Plaintiff stopped. Vehicle impacted by stunt driver. Plaintiff sustained cervical, lumbar (with radiation), concussion and possible traumatic brain injury. Treatment minimal because undergoing invitro fertilization and subsequent breast feeding.

Plaintiff entered intersection on green light. Defendant ER vehicle (with lights flashing and siren) collided with Plaintiff. Plaintiff serious pre-existing medical issues overlapped with injuries from this accident.

Plaintiff rear ended, admitted liability. Prior allegedly more significant accident with similar injuries and degeneration.

Motor vehicle rear end collision. Plaintiff claims soft tissue injuries superimposed on asymptomatic degenerative conditions and significant psychological component.

Trip and fall plaintiff alleged to have substantial pre-existing injuries.

Motor vehicle accident, knee surgery.

Trip and fall in a gas station. Plaintiff sustained left arm dislocation and fractured wrist.

Bus driver alleged to have closed door on Plaintiff's leg. Pre-existing chronic back injuries. Plaintiff sustained exacerbation of back complaints, possible cervical and concussion.

Plaintiff fell in an uncovered manhole. Sustained head, back and other injuries.

Slip and fall on concrete. Medical complaints (low back) severe and ongoing.

Plaintiff motorcycle officer responding to an emergency call. Defendant stopped in intersection after entering on a left turn signal. Plaintiff officer sustained soft tissue and dental injuries. Workers' Compensation liens.

Third party entered plaintiff's boarding house private bedroom. An altercation ensued with plaintiff falling downstairs and being punched by the assailant, resulting in allegations of facial lacerations, soft tissue injuries, PTSD and other injuries.

Truck brakes failed causing wrongful death and major injuries. Plaintiffs allege that defendant's employee advised them that replacement part could be installed later and they could drive with faulty breaks to their starting location. 

Trip and fall in parking lot by blind plaintiff.

Minor riding bicycle hit by vehicle.

Pedestrian walking dog struck by vehicle. Dog killed. Pedestrian soft tissue and knee injuries.  Union employee with complex loss of earnings (professional studio artist).

Slip and fall by plaintiff in a market. Claimed injuries to hip, low back and knee including torn ACL and meniscus and lost earnings. Defendants contended no actual or constructive notice, impeccable floor safety monitoring and electronic sweep log, dispute where the accident occurred, and pre-existing injuries.

Rear end, low impact collision. Plaintiff serious pre-existing (i.e., congenital, short pedicles) condition. Lumbar surgery.

Trip and fall. Injuries alleged included two finger fractures, knee with arthroscopic surgery and low-back with radiation. Future injury claim.

Rear end collision at "moderate" speed. Plaintiff underwent C3-C7 anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. Permanent restrictions and decompression surgery.

Motor vehicle accident involving three vehicles. Plaintiff passenger in middle car claims major neck injuries. Defendant policy apportioned. Mediation of underinsured motorist, pre-arbitration claim.

Plaintiff paraplegic denied access to compliant restroom and parking space. He allegedly fell due to debris that got stuck in his wheelchair wheels. Claimed injuries due to violation of Title II of ADA, 3504 Rehabilitation Act and California Disabled Persons Act.

Automobile struck plaintiff operating a bicycle. Injuries included fractured foot requiring surgery, possible RSD and CRPS. Loss of earnings.

Bus mirror struck back of Plaintiff pedestrian's head. Claimed traumatic brain injury.

Truck vs. truck accident. Liability and damages disputed. Plaintiff claims lumbar surgery required. Defendant alleges degenerative pre-existing injuries and pre-accident surgery recommended.

Plaintiff fell as she was attempting to board a bus. Disputed liability and damages.

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Cases include motor vehicle accidents with automobiles, motorcycles, big rigs, buses, pedestrians, multi-vehicle collisions, flying debris, product liability, premises liability, property damage due to floods, sewage back-up, exotic cars, buses, fire sprinklers, fires, bar fights, dog bites, toxic mold, manufacturing equipment, aircraft assembly, escape equipment, school altercations and assaults, inadequate supervision, escalator/elevator accidents, airlines, shopping centers, restaurants, office buildings, apartment buildings, factories, sports arenas, non-profit entities and government entities.

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