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Allegations of defective manufacture and design of motor vehicle parts, airplanes, helicopters, oil rig escape devices, commercial equipment, assault weapons and a variety of consumer products.

Product Liability

Representative Cases:

Minor plaintiff sustained a jaw fracture when the top of a gum ball machine fell on his head.  Varied claims against multiple defendants.

Alleged improper manufacture, design, and assembly instructions of Geronimo seat, utilized to escape oil rigs, resulting in serious injuries to plaintiff.

A bathroom mirror detached and shattered as plaintiff exited the shower causing serious injuries.

Plaintiff and her finance were shooting at bottles when a shell from a semi-automatic assault rifle misfired, striking plaintiff in the face. Cross-complaint by defendant against finance.

Drinking glass shattered in plaintiff's hand causing serious injuries.

Alleged defective pottery kiln that exploded, causing severe burns to plaintiff and teacher.

Inadvertent acceleration of motor vehicle allegedly resulting in wrongful death of driver and major injuries to passenger children.

Alleged defective baby gate causing fractures and other serious injuries to infant child who fell down flight of stairs. Cross-complaint against father for improper assembly.

Wrongful death of worker by explosion of allegedly defective paper manufacturing equipment.

Alleged defective helicopter causing blades to decapitate pilot.

Numerous claims against forklift manufacturers for alleged defective design, manufacture, assembly, and operating instructions.