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Real Estate

Mediated commission disputes, residential, commercial and industrial development and construction disputes, permanent financing acquisitions, leasing, condominiums, shopping centers, office buildings, commercial and industrial centers, homeowner's associations, CC&Rs, title and insurance, foreign transactions, environmental matters, quiet title, equitable subrogation, indemnity and liens, tortious interference with contractual agreements and fraudulent conveyances of real property.

Additionally, mediated multiple landlord-tenant disputes involving alleged retaliatory tenant eviction, breaches and interference with lease agreements.

Representative Cases:

Buyers alleged breach of duties to disclose material defects in property, material undisclosed facts that had significant effect on the property’s market value and fiduciary duties of brokers.

Plaintiff leased a home in Malibu. She claimed numerous defects and after continuing to live there several months, demanded a full refund of her prepaid one-year security deposits and damages for fraud, value of her services in overseeing repairs and personal injury.

Real property held in trust was fraudulently conveyed to the first purchaser (#1). #1 improved the property, paid off loans and resold to a bona fide purchaser (#2). Beneficiary of trust (who was incarcerated) through a successor trustee brought action to void original sale. Multiple cross-complaints among the four parties.

Breach of contract, quantum meruit against an escrow company for paying the entire amount of a disputed real estate commission to one of its affiliates. Complaint for tortious interference with a commission agreement against other real estate broker.

Assault, battery and negligence claims between neighboring homeowners.

Trespass, Wrongful Cutting and Removal of Timber (Civil Code Section 3346(A); Code of Civil Procedure Section 733), Conversion, Negligence for cutting and stripping down nearly 40-year-old trees.

HOA claim for property damage of condominium arising out of water intrusion from an adjacent condominium.

Alleged improper design and reconstruction of public park caused flooding of neighborhood. Claims against contractor, subcontractors, architect and designers by dozens of adjoining property owners for damages.

Claims of breach of loan agreement, breach of guaranty, declaratory relief, fraudulent transfer and accounting of rents and profits for defendant's transfer of interests in personal property and leases without sufficient value to prevent plaintiff's foreclosure of its security interest.

Plaintiff sought payment of real estate commission from escrow company which allegedly disbursed commission to a third party without authority.

Multiple complex neighbor disputes regarding boundary lines.

Alleged interference with Blue Sky laws when neighbor construction blocked ocean view of adjacent Malibu property.

Landlord-tenant disputes including alleged retaliatory tenant eviction, breaches and interference with lease agreements.

Fraudulent conveyance of real property.

Lis pendens against seller who reneged on real estate purchase contract and cross-complaints for real estate broker commissions.

HOA claim against neighbor who had wild parties on the top of a condominium building.

Disabled tenant requested accommodation that was denied and later ignored. Plaintiff claimed FHAA, FEHA, CDPA violations.

Breach of contract and fraud against a contractor for damages arising from the alleged failure to develop and construct residential structures on two real property parcels.

Portion of ceiling fell on plaintiff while she was taking a shower. Plaintiff claims injuries and habitability issues, including (1) sewage backup into bathtub; (2) failure to replace carpet; (3) failure to pain unit; and (4) roach infestation.

Plaintiff and defendant entered into a real estate purchase contract with a liquidated damages clause. Plaintiff purchasing property as a re-sale and required architect access. Plaintiff required extension and granted for non-refundable fee. Plaintiff requested additional extension that was denied. Transaction cancelled. Case involved amount of returnable deposit.

Real estate dispute regarding lease back offer in sale of home.

Six (6) commercial real estate leases. Defendant abandoned premises before end of terms.  Plaintiff alleged breach of leases and fraudulent transfer of assets.

Plaintiff claimed windstorm roof damage. Insurance company denied claim due to pre-existing damage. Bad faith alleged for failure to properly inspect property.