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Many cases involving issues of wage, hour and commission violations, unpaid overtime, pre-judgment interest, unreimbursed expenses, unpaid bonuses, unpaid commissions, failure to provide meal and rest periods, statutory penalties, improper pay stubs, failure to pay all wages due at termination, inaccurate or non-existing itemized wage statements, lost social security and Medicare tax contributions, lost unemployment compensation, misclassification, mandatory live-in arrangements and attorney's fees. Disputes are sometimes single and multi-party lawsuits, certified as class actions and brought forth under PAGA.

Wage and Hour

Representative Cases:

Employers allegedly failed to provide uninterrupted meal periods or breaks, adequately compensate employees for overtime, failed to record and maintain accurate payroll records, timekeeping records and itemized wage statements.

Disability discrimination, failure to accommodate, retaliation, wage and hour, unpaid meal and rest breaks, overtime, late pay, penalties, liquidated damages, PAGA Claims.

Employee alleged wrongful termination for violation of public policy, waiting time penalties, attorney fees and costs when terminated after discussing pay reduction with other employees. Employer claimed there were economic reasons for its staff reductions and "good cause" for plaintiff's termination.

Employer claimed business was winding down and presented long-term employee with a proposed separation and release agreement. Employee refused to sign and brought lawsuit for numerous wage and hour Labor Code violations.                                             

Alleged five-year misclassification of employee as independent contractor resulting in unpaid overtime wages, statutory penalties, lost social security and Medicare tax contributions, lost unemployment insurance compensation, emotional distress damages (due to assault on employee's last day of employment), attorney's fees and costs.

Plaintiff, employed as a Class A driver, was severely injured on the job. He filed a Worker's compensation claim and was on a disability leave of absence. While on leave, his trailer was emptied of his personal belongings. Plaintiff returned to work but was not given any driving assignments. Plaintiff claimed constructive termination, failure to engage in the interactive process, failure to accommodate, disability discrimination and wage and hour violations.

Claims by employees for wage, hour and commission violations against a major department store chain. Case settled at mediation prior to certification of class.

Class action by restaurant employees for wage, hour and commission violations. 

Residential caregiver for the elderly who alleged inadequate staffing and no right to engage in normal private pursuits entitled him to Federal overtime, sleep time, no deductions for meals and lodging, liquidated damages, prejudgment interest, California minimum wage overtime, Private Attorney General Act compensation, penalties, attorney's fees and costs.

Two plaintiffs allege wage, hour, overtime, travel, mileage and other expenses against their former employer, a dog groomer.

Wage and hour claims by allegedly misclassified employees of a nighttime telephone sex business.

Plaintiff employed from 2011–2016 claims wage and hour reimbursement violations by Defendant employer.